Custom Order Standard Size bag

Custom Order Standard Size bag

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We are taking Custom order bags again…

I am currently having a rest, be back soon so taking no orders at the moment..Custom orders can be placed where you choose your patches.  There can be an approximate wait of 3 weeks on orders, but we do our best to make them as soon as possible.   We will email you to let you know timeframe once your order has been placed.  With orders you can choose one main patch and 7 small patches.  We may or may not fit all the patches on, it depends on the ones chosen (their shape and size). 

To view our patches, click here.  You can tell us your patches when you finalise your order, by emailing me ( or via the Facebook page .You can tell us colour scheme ie. earthy or bright.   Remember we use all recycled fabrics and so we endeavour to suit your request, however it depends on what fabrics we have on hand at any time. 

We will be in contact regarding time frame and any further questions.    Postage in Australia is $16. International postage is available on checkout.


You can view our existing patches by clicking on this link 

Gallery of Patches